CBD For Sleep Products: Do they Work? And What You Need To Know!

CBD For Sleep Products - Do they Work

Are you having a difficult time sleeping at night? If so, you are among millions of people that find it frustrating and often debilitating, just trying to get a good night’s sleep. Many prescription and over the counter drugs for insomnia have serious side effects and leave you feeling groggy, foggy and low energy the next day! Now, CBD for sleep products are taking center stage as a natural alternative treatment aid for insomnia. The question is, does CBD oil work for sleep? Here are some things you need to know!

CBD And The Most Common Reasons For Sleep Disorders

Anxiety and stress are probably the most common reasons for sleep disorder. The everyday stresses and concerns of life can cause you to have a difficult time falling to sleep and/or staying asleep. Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep is also often associated with stress, anxiety and depression. CBD oil for sleep disorders is on the research radar because it has been demonstrated that it plays a key role in sleep regulation.

These are considered symptoms of primary insomnia and CBD tincture might just prove to be a natural treatment aid that will relax you, calm your anxiety and allow you to drift into a deep rejuvenating sleep!

This also might be great news for those with sleep apnea, a disorder that can have potentially devastating symptoms. The research is still ongoing and it may eventually prove that CBD for sleep apnea might provide a natural treatment that will replace dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Stay tuned!

The other secondary reasons for sleep disorders can be due to various health conditions like asthma, arthritis, or pain. It can also be linked to medications that you are taking. These are all possible medical reasons and you should consult your doctor.

CBD, Sleep and The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a key role in regulating the body’s functions with the goal of maintaining homeostasis or balance. This vast system located throughout the brain, organs, muscles, tissues, glands and immune system is the reason that CBD has so many benefits, due to its direct activity on the ECS. The anti-anxiety and pain relief properties of CBD are a key factor in its effectiveness as a treatment aid for insomnia. The cannabinoid CBD also helps regulate your sleep cycle as part of its regulatory function of bringing the body to homeostasis.

When you dose a few drops of CBD oil before bed it interacts with your ECS to bring you to a state of relaxation and calm that allows you to fall asleep and experience a deep restorative sleep. You will awake in the morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, clear headed and ready to spring into action!

It is important to note that when dosing CBD for sleep, less is more. Anecdotal evidence has demonstrated that a very small dose of CBD proves to be the most effective!

Have you tried taking CBD for insomnia or just as a sleeping aid? What was your experience? Please share with us in the comment section below! We love hearing about your experiences with CBD!


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