7 Key Facts About Dosing CBD

Facts About Dosing CBD

CBD is, without question, entering the daily lives of millions of people worldwide. The many researched benefits of CBD have demonstrated that the therapeutic properties of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid are vast. The research shows that CBD can play a role in the treatment of many conditions across the physical, mental and emotional spectrum. The main question, however, that arises with those that are giving it a try for the first time is “ How much CBD should I take?” Here are 7 key facts about dosing CBD.


1.) Every Individual’s Body is Different

Your individual body difference is the fundamental key factor when determining dosage of CBD, or anything for that matter. You need to take into account your basic health, your weight, the condition you are using CBD for and your general tolerance and sensitivities. The good news is CBD is non-toxic; therefore, overdosing is practically impossible, within any reasonable limit. Research shows that CBD side effects, if any, are minimal.


2.) With CBD, Less is More

One of the interesting things, research has shown about CBD is that for many conditions a small dose is most effective. For instance, in treating nausea, a very small dose will eliminate the nausea and a large dose often increases it! The best way to start dosing CBD tincture is just a few drops at a time. Then you can slowly increase it over time.


3.) CBD Has a Cumulative Effect

CBD has been shown to increase in effectiveness, over time. CBD interacts with your ECS (Endocannabinoid System), stimulating the beneficial activity throughout the body. CBD stimulates and helps increase, the body’s own natural endocannabinoids, therefore, delivering the many natural benefits of the ECS.


 4.) The Quality and Potency of the CBD Matters

Obviously, there is a difference in the quality and potency of various CBD products and brands. Full spectrum CBD oil means that you will have all of the benefits of the over 113 cannabinoids, terpens, vitamins and fatty acids, and more from the hemp plant. CBD comes in various amounts of CBD concentration (MGs). This also needs to be factored in when determining your ideal dosage.


5.) CBD Delivery Systems And Absorption

CBD can be taken in many forms from tincture, capsules and edibles to topical application products. The measurement of MGs, and the type of CBD product, gummies, capsules or tinctures, all determine the potency and absorption of the CBD by your body. Also, Liposomal tinctures deliver the highest absorption of CBD by the body. The higher the absorption rate, the more effective and efficient the CBD delivery system is, which means you can enjoy the many benefits of maximum potency delivery.


6.) Why Your CBD Experience Will Differ From Others

These are the key factors that determine your personal experience with CBD:

* The quality of the CBD product your take

* The concentration of CBD in the product

* Your percentage of body fat

* The Delivery system of the product

* The Severity of Your Symptoms


7.) Simple Personalized Dosing Steps

* Start with a small amount

*Pay attention to how the CBD affects you

* Don’t hesitate to increase your dose in small increments (remember CBD is non-toxic, you won’t OD)

* Keep track of the changes as you increase and this will allow you to find your ideal dosage.

You’ve Got This! Taste and Feel the Difference!

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