What Are Liposomes and How Do They Improve CBD Delivery?

What Are Liposomes and How Do They Improve CBD Delivery

It has been discovered that CBD oil can have a higher absorption rate when it is combined with liposomes. So, what are liposomes and how do they increase the absorption and efficiency of CBD oil?


Liposomes are tiny sphere shaped vesicles made from cholesterol and naturally occurring phospholipids. A phospholipid is a fat that has a phosphate that is attached at one end. This is key, because the phosphate allows it to mix with water based substances and the fat allows it to mix with oil-based substances. Water-soluble substances can only mix with each other and fat-soluble substances are the same. Thus we have the saying, oil and water don’t mix! However, liposomes allow both water-soluble and fat-soluble substances to be bioavailable.


Since the first descriptions of liposomes in the mid 1960’s, there has been current research that has developed liposomal drug delivery technology. This unique delivery system often allows for a more targeted delivery of the drugs within the body. When any medication is taken orally, it passes through the digestive system. That not only possibly reduces the bioavailability or absorption rate, it also creates the possibility of adverse side effects, as in the case of pharmaceuticals, when it reaches the digestive system.


When CBD oil, which is naturally non-toxic, is contained within the double-layered liposomal spheres, or bubbles of phospholipids, they can be transported quickly into the body. Then there is a quick uptake of the CBD filled spheres into the intestinal lymphatic system. This then feeds the CBD directly into the immune system, then the blood, thus avoiding elimination by the liver. What this means, in simple terms, is that the Liposomal CBD arrives in the gut in an easy-to absorb, bioavailable form, which provides optimum benefits.


The Primary Benefits of Liposomal Hemp Extract CBD


As stated above, liposomal formulations of CBD Hemp Extract provides a superior bioavailable delivery system. In the case of full spectrum hemp extract, that also means a more effective delivery of the total complement of cannabinoids, pharmacological properties and nutrients. This means that you are receiving the full spectrum of CBD benefits quickly and efficiently. This also means that you can take your CBD either with or without food and benefit from full bioavailability.


Another popular benefit of liposomal CBD is the taste. Because the CBD oil is embedded in the liposomes, it provides a natural barrier to the earthy taste that is sometimes unpopular with those hyper sensitive to taste. Also, when natural flavors like tapioca and mocha are added, as in American Hemp Co. Liposomal Extract, the result is purely delightful and delicious!


American Hemp Liposomal Extract is a full spectrum, terpene rich CBD oil that delivers high levels of absorption. This means that when you take the CBD for pain or anxiety, for example, you will experience fast relief, which will more effectively target your discomfort. The liposomal delivery system keeps a level of CBD in your body over a longer period of time. You will feel and taste the Liposomal difference!

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