Hemp Extract Testimonials

“Would highly recommend this product! I decided to take this product for over all health and digestive issues and I noticed with in about a 2 week period a major relief of inflammation in my digestive system! After a few more weeks I felt reduced stress levels, less anxious, did not experience the usual migraine, and just an over all general feeling of health!!” – Linda Brown DeVesta

“Thank you Mike and American Hemp Co for the Liposomal Hemp Extract. I have L4-L5 disc issues in my lower back and have started taking this daily. I think it’s making a difference. CBD is the wave of the future!” – Cary Jobe

“I broke my hip 2 years ago, unfortunately instead of a replacement, a metal rod was placed to re-attach the ball of my hip and has caused a bursitis- very, very painful!! I’ve had 5 cortisone shots so far which no longer seem to be effective and pain pills aren’t my thing!! Thanx to Linda Brown DeVesta and the American Hemp Co product I’m virtually pain free. I’ve only been taking the product for 3 weeks but have noticed a considerable difference not only in my hip but in other joints that I’ve experienced a pain here and there! I stopped taking the Hemp oil for a couple days because I ran out and the pain came back but when I restarted it, within 2 doses my pain is diminishing!!! Can’t rave enough about this product and its many positive effects it has had on my overall well-being!!!! On my second bottle now and I’ll be sure not to run out again!!! Proved to be a true test that this product is effective in relieving pain in an all natural way!!!!!” -Tammy Pruzinsky

“When I started I did not know what to expect, I had only heard what the benefits could be. After two weeks I had noticed that the inflammation in my index finger was diminishing. After almost a month it is gone. No more pain! I bought another bottle today and am hopeful I will see more results! Stay tuned.” – Sherri Morse Cordelli

“Loved this product- not only did it take my edge off during the day (I have a 2 and 4 year old – it helped me sleep much better- no more insomnia!” – Rosanne Marie