Liposomal CBD Oil Formula

What Is The Liposomal Formula? 

In the Liposomal delivery technique, the liposome is a fatty acid based vessel that acts as a carrier agent, safely delivering the full spectrum hemp extract throughout your body. Our agent is cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, which acts as a barrier that protects the hemp extract as it moves throughout your digestive tract after consumption. Traditionally, ingesting hemp extract without a liposome carrier means that little hemp extract actually reaches your bloodstream. American Hemp Co.’s hemp extract paired with our carrier agent provides safe delivery for maximum effect. 
Liposomal studies from numerous sources indicate that a greater amount of ingested liposomal product remains in the blood- stream compared to a non-liposomal product. In fact, after a significant amount of time had passed, there was up to 50% more liposomal product remaining in the bloodstream. 

Our CBD Oil Flavors: 

Tapoica: 150 mg / Mocha: 300 mg 
Both flavors are alcohol-free and responsibly sourced, made from all natural plant-based flavors that allow for fast hemp extract absorption. Feel and taste the difference!