About American Hemp Extract Oil Company

Our Liposomal is the only method that releases the complete benefits of hemp extract.

As a family owned and operated company in the cannabis community since 2009, we are dedicated to providing natural support to enhance your health and overall well-being. We are excited to offer our Liposomal formula, which has been shown to help with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and a multitude of other ailments.


Traditional oral tinctures only allow a portion of hemp extract to target problem areas. The Liposomal formula increases the rate of absorption and allows the product to reach the body’s lymphatic system, where it can be most beneficial. Our new process uses a liposomal delivery technique, where a liposome is a fatty acid based vessel or carrier agent that safely delivers the full spectrum hemp extract throughout your body. We use cold-pressed organic sunflower oil as our liposomal vehicle that protects the pure hemp extract after it is ingested and moves throughout your digestive tract. The high absorption rate of our locally sourced Colorado hemp extract provides a noticeably different experience from other hemp products. Our extract is carefully crafted to feed your brain, body, and endocannabinoid system. 

Enjoy the increased benefits of our Liposomal formula with hemp extract for complete and immediate relief.

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